Business Manage[-]ment.

This track is for candidates looking for a graduate schedule with the aim of achieving a central position in one of the headquarters of the formats (føtex, Bilka, Netto), within Commercial working with project management and business development on a broad scale, or as a specialist and subsequently a manager within one of the central functions.

The two-year programme will take you across the local organisation of the format, making sure that you are exposed to different challenges within your field of expertise and thus building the required competencies you need to become an impactful player in the long term.

During the programme, you will be based at one of the format’s or Commercial’s headquarters. The format that you will be assigned to will be determined by your personal and professional profile as well as your personal interests.

For further information on the specific location of the formats, please see the description of the organisations below.

How you will grow during the programme

As a Business Management Graduate at Salling Group, you will have a unique opportunity to gain cross functional experience and build up a strong business understanding of the format or business unit you engage with.

The key to having a successful career in retail is a solid understanding of the core processes, so the programme will therefore offer you the possibility of working hands-on with the end-to-end processes so you can acquire insights into various key business areas. Through a profound knowledge of both processes and governance, you will develop your skills to design, execute and follow-up on a variety of projects while building a solid basis of retail knowledge, covering subjects as marketing, assortment, pricing and sales strategy, business planning, analytics and project management.

As you work your way across different areas, you will not only acquire extensive retail knowledge, but also develop core managerial skills for a successful career at Salling Group.

What you will be doing as a Graduate

As a Business Management Graduate, you will be part of a fast-paced and exciting business. By taking part in day-to-day operations, solving real problems and looking for ways to improve performance, you will gain a truly in-depth understanding of how to run a large retailer.

The guiding thread through all the assignments will be understanding our customers. This is absolutely crucial. What matters most to them? Why do they think, feel and behave the way they do? What do they want? When we know the answers to questions like these, we can use them to deliver everything our customers want and need.

During the programme, you will be assigned two placements within the functional track. In each rotation, you will be given a full position with clear responsibilities for assigned tasks. You will therefore not only be learning and developing, but also challenged and made accountable for clear deliveries.

Depending on your individual programme, you may find yourself working with/executing:

  • Marketing: in general and including local and stores marketing, brand marketing, brand communication, and marketing operations
  • Assortment: working with buyers, the stores and the marketing function to identify new opportunities for our assortment in the stores
  • Business Development: working with our stores and external suppliers to develop the sales area in the stores and make them even more customer friendly
  • Projects & Analytics: including analysis of sales, Business Review insights and presentations, and cross functional projects
  • Planning: looking ahead and ensuring good planning for all stakeholders in both front and back office
  • Operations: working together with our stores and ensuring a good store execution every day
  • Support: working together with different departments towards the stores giving them the best support

Your assignments will cover the full range of tasks from hands-on execution of functional tasks to analysis, follow-up on activities, administrative support to the management team, project participation and potentially project management.

To solve your daily tasks and to learn more about our customers and what matters to them, you will work closely with professional colleagues as well as interact with a wide range of business partners and stakeholders – both internally and externally.

Working within the føtex or Netto Organisa[-]tions


As a Business Management Graduate at føtex, you will be working at føtex’s head office in Årslev, Aarhus. The head office has approximately 60 employees. Both in our stores and at the head office, everyone is committed to offering our customers the best service along with great products and value. Hence, at our head office you will find the culture to be highly customer focused and result orientated.


Today we operate in Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Germany. If you are looking for a career with an international focus – Netto is the place to be a Graduate.

As a Business Management Graduate at Netto, you will be working at the Netto headquarters in Køge, Denmark. Netto headquarters consists of approximately 300 dedicated employees who focus on supporting the Netto stores in the best possible way, covering areas such as marketing, assortment, supply chain, operations, human resources and economy.

Career perspectives

The Graduate Programme provides a unique opportunity for launching a career within retail. The structure of the programme and the fact that you will rotate in different departments will lead you to a clear picture of your future at Salling Group.

After successfully completing the programme and having gained a solid cross functional experience in the different disciplines within the format, you will be able to take up a position as a specialist at the format’s head office, or in other formats across Salling Group. Specialist positions include coordinator and consultant roles, as well as team leader within a headquarter function.

Planning ahead for your future career at Salling Group, we expect you to continue your steep learning curve and subsequently develop into the next generation of managers.

Your profile

To become a successful Business Management Graduate at Salling Group, it is important that you have the right mix of personal and professional skills. If you can identify yourself with the below, then you might be one of our next Business Management Graduates.

Personal skills:

  • Ambitious and goal oriented
  • Committed and highly motivated
  • A natural interest in and understanding of customers and sales
  • An analytic mind-set
  • Goal-oriented drive combined with an execution minded approach
  • The ability to work in a structured manner and meet deadlines

Professional skills:

  • Have recently graduated or are about to graduate with a master’s degree well above average within economics, project management, or marketing
  • Preferably one semester abroad during your bachelor or master studies or other relevant international experience
  • Relevant work experience gained during or after your studies and preferably in retail – up to a maximum of one year’s full time work after the master’s degree
  • Excellent language skills in Danish and English – both spoken and written fluency
  • Strong Excel-skills

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