Supply Chain Manage[-]ment & Logistics.

Entering Salling Group as a Supply Chain Management & Logistics Graduate will bring you to the very centre of the value chain of a retailer – the organisation is responsible for the goods being transported in the most efficient way from the supplier to the customer.

The two-year programme will take you across the Logistics organisation, exposing you to different challenges within supply chain management and thus providing you with a deep knowledge of the subject in practice and enabling you to enter a specialist and subsequently a manager position in Salling Group Supply Chain Management & Logistics.

During the programme, you will be based at Salling Group’s headquarters in Årslev, Aarhus, but you should also expect to be part of assignments or projects at other locations in Denmark and abroad.

How you will grow during the programme

By working hands-on with supply chain management – from producer to end-user – you will get the opportunity to use the knowledge you have gained during your studies and transform this into operational skills.

As a Supply Chain Management & Logitics Graduate, you will gain expertise of logistics operations, project management, supply chain management, lean and process management, presentation techniques, managing meetings and self-management. All of this will lead to a deep understanding of the processes related to logistics and develop you professionally and personally, thus making you capable of analysing, managing and improving the supply chain.

What you will be doing as a Graduate

In each rotation, you will be given a full position with clear responsibilities for assigned tasks. You will therefore not only be learning and developing, but also challenged and made accountable for clear deliveries. The rotations are all characterised by a steep learning curve and the programme is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of key elements during your first assignments, and as you progress you will be given the opportunity to gain more responsibility.

During your placements in Supply Chain Management & Logistics, you will work with:

  • Tasks related to developing the transport setup for Bilka, føtex, Netto and Salling – both inbound and outbound
  • Tasks related to improving service levels for stores and distribution centres
  • Tasks related to optimising costs throughout the supply chain
  • Projects related to the successful execution of Supply Chain Management & Logistic’s strategy
  • Participate in the development of efficient processes and systems

As Supply Chain Management & Logistics lies at the very centre of the value chain, you will engage with a wide range of stakeholders both internally and externally. You will be cooperating with:

  • Managers, specialists and employees across Salling Group
  • Stores and formats
  • Commercial
  • Goods flow
  • Master data
  • External partners and service providers

Working within Supply Chain Management & Logistics

The Supply Chain Management & Logistics organisation employs close to 1,200 managers, specialists and full or part time employees across eight distribution centres and group functions, and covers the flow and processes from the delivery of products from suppliers to distribution centres/stores, and from distribution centres to føtex, Bilka, Netto and Salling

The culture in the organisation is dynamic and fast paced, customer and cost oriented and highly cooperative with a distinct focus on ensuring the timely and accurate delivery of products at the lowest possible cost.

Career perspectives

After successfully completing the programme and having acquired this solid set of experiences within the whole process of Supply Chain Management & Logistics, you will be able to take up a position as Logistics Developer, Supply Chain Consultant or Project Manager.

Drawing on these experiences and continuing your learning curve, long term career perspectives could involve further development for a position as Supply Chain Manager, Senior Project Manager or Operations Manager.

Your profile

To become a successful Supply Chain Management & Logistics Graduate at Salling Group, it is important that you have the right mix of personal and professional skills. If you can identify yourself with the skills outlined below, then you might be our next Supply Chain Management & Logistics graduate.

Personal skills:

  • Ambitious and goal oriented
  • Committed and highly motivated
  • A natural interest and understanding of the latest trends and tendencies
  • An analytic mind-set with good numeracy skills
  • The ability to work in a structured manner and meet deadlines
  • Good communication and co-operation skills
  • Dynamic, adaptable and able to work in a fast paced environment
  • International mobility

Professional skills:

  • Recently graduated or are about to graduate with a master´s degree well above average within supply chain management, economics, management, international business or a related field
  • Relevant work experience gained during or after your studies – up to a maximum of one year’s full time work after the master’s degree.
  • International experience – through work or studies
  • Excellent language skills in English – both spoken and written fluency
  • English at negotiation level

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