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Ania took the risk and enrolled in the Corporate Graduate Programme. Ania is clever. Be like Ania!

Ania Łukasik, who completed our Corporate Graduate Programme, today the Head of Marketing at Netto Polska, tells about her experience in the Programme:

– The most persistent members of our special group of eight (two from each Netto country: Poland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany) completed a range of exciting professional challenges and training events over 18 months, which set the tone for their development within the structure of not just Netto alone, but also the entire Salling Group.  The Programme offers the perfect opportunity to find a permanent job to those who make their first cautious steps after graduation.

What does an employer expect when hiring for a job role? Certainly, he expects you to be educated, experienced and to have proven career accomplishments — all job ads have these requirements in common. It is a tough challenge for university graduates, because usually they are only able to satisfy the first one of the three requirements. Indeed, it is rather hard to be experienced and professionally successful right after you graduate, especially if you complete two parallel majors full time and work abroad during holidays, like I did.

As a fresh graduate, I was looking for an employer who would turn a blind eye to my lack of experience and would focus on enthusiasm and ambitions. And it was exactly when I started persuading myself that I was daydreaming that I came across an online advertisement with a mysterious heading: The Corporate Graduate Programme. I read there that Netto chain stores were running a recruitment programme to build a pipeline of expert staff through an eighteen-month-long apprenticeship experience. The participants spend the first two months in any two Netto shops and for the following sixteen months they acquire experience in two selected Administration departments at the head office in Motaniec.

The goal is to learn about the specific nature and structure of the company and of the business as a whole, and to gain more confidence as regards the future choice of a department where the participant would like to stay for good after the programme. At an early stage of our journey, both I and the other IMT participant chose the departments where we work now — it was Marketing in my case, and maybe this will sound immodest, but I see it as a success, as we have both proven ourselves where we wanted to be. Already at the beginning of our jobs in Administration, we learnt that the participants of the Graduate Programme were often called the “Young Lions”. The nickname turned out to suit us, because throughout the 18 months we had plenty of opportunities to prove ourselves and to fight for our position.

International training environment, rivalry, development, combined with new friendships, exciting travel opportunities and also… savouring new food — this is what the IMT Programme is about. Looking back at the Project Management training in Copenhagen, I recall a dinner at a restaurant, discussing Netto, the details of the course we had just completed and trying to explain the Danes that films in Poland have only a male voice-over, also for actresses.

I do not regret any moment out of the 18 months, as they gave me more than what I expected!

What does the Corporate Graduate Programme offer?

You will participate in international projects

You will learn about the practical dimension of doing business

You can contribute to strategic decision-making

You will complete valuable and professional training courses

You will visit different countries and see interesting places

You will improve your English skills

You will meet new friends

Danish store chain which within 22 years of presence on the Polish market has built a position of one of the biggest retail sellers in Poland. The company has over 360 stores in Poland and three distribution warehouses, it employs over 5 thousand people. These assets give the Danish retailer a third place on the Polish discount market. The store chain is well-known in south, western, northern and central Poland. The concept of Netto Polska is to be close to its customers. Stores are located near housing complexes. The assortment includes around 95% of products from Polish suppliers. Outside Poland, the store chain is present in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.


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